I am officially a published author

I recently collaborated with fellow DX MVP’s Jason Zink and Jack Hoxley to write a D3D11-focused book entitled Practical Rendering and Computation with Direct3D 11, which just came up for sale on Amazon today. I wrote the HLSL and Deferred Rendering chapters in particular. All of the code samples are up on the Hieroglyph 3 CodePlex site, if you want to get an idea of the content. Or you can just take my word for it that it’s awesome. :P


Jason Zink -

Hi Tiago, I wrote the chapter on water simulation and can give you a little bit of background on it. It is based on a paper written by James F. O’Brien and Jessica K. Hodgins titled “Dynamic Simulation of Splashing Fluids”. I actually implemented this technique before DX11 hardware was available, but it makes efficient use of the compute shader functionality. The sample program implements a 16x16 grid of tiles of 16x16 groups of water tiles, and still runs at good rates. On my laptop, which has a 8600M GT, it runs at approximately 80 fps. Since this is a DX10 level card, that’s not too bad. On my main dev machine which has a 5700 AMD card, it runs at ~650 fps. Although you don’t need to take my word for it - you can download the code and check it out for yourself! That was a big part of the reason that we chose to use an open source project for our samples - so that people could see what they are getting, and also to keep updating the code base after the book was finished up.

#### Tiago Costa -

Hi JasonZ! Sadly I won’t have access to my dev machine until next week, so I can’t try the demos… Anyway I already ordered the book =D

#### Jason Zink -

That’s great - I look forward to hearing any feedback (good or bad) on the book, and of course also on the Hieroglyph codebase and samples!

#### [smasherprog](http://nolimitsdesigns.com "smasherprog@gmail.com") -

Where is this code available at to download? I would like to take a look at the examples.

#### [smasherprog](http://nolimitsdesigns.com "smasherprog@gmail.com") -

Opps, just woke up and realized it is on the Hieroglyph 3 CodePlex site. Never mind.

#### []( "") -

congrats, Mr. Big Author man! :) accomplishing something like that must feel really rewarding. gonna give it a look at the source code first :p then i’ll take your word for it. perhaps. probably. always liked your samples/code.

#### []( "") -

Cheers! Congrats and neat to hear Jolly Jack is still at it :)

#### [Daniel](http://twitter.com/_Eclectus_ "_Eclectus_@twitter.example.com") -

Congratulations MJP - Finishing something like this is to be admired. I continue to follow your work with interest!

#### [Tiago Costa]( "") -

Congrats! I would like to know if the articles about terrain and water simulation use techniques that provide good performance/quality? Or are those articles focused on teaching basic terrain/water rendering?

#### [MJP](http://mynameismjp.wordpress.com/ "mpettineo@gmail.com") -

Hi Tiago, I’m going to ask the authors of those sections so that I can get an accurate answer for you.

#### [TiagoVCosta](http://tiagovcosta.wordpress.com "tiago.costav@gmail.com") -

Just received my copy :D Check out this hands-on photo: http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/728/imag0200o.jpg

#### []( "") -

You do realize that the spine of the book reads: “Practical Rendering & Computation with Direct 3D 1”. Yes that’s right “Direct3D 1”. Looks like one the digits in 11 has been cropped :)

#### [TiagoVCosta](http://tiagovcosta.wordpress.com "tiago.costav@gmail.com") -

LOL, I didn’t noticed that before :D