Deferred Cascaded Shadow Maps

For my next sample I was planning on extending my deferred shadow maps sample to implement cascaded shadow maps.  I got an email asking about how to make the sample look decent with large viewing distances which is exactly the problem CSM’s solve.  So I decided to bump up my plans a little early and get the code up and running.  It’ll be a while before I get the write-up finished, but until then feel free to play around with code (PC and 360 projects included).


Justin Krenz -

I’ve updated the code to support stable cascaded shadow maps (so that the shadows don’t shimmer when the camera moves or rotates). I used the code from the DirectX SDK’s cascaded shadow map sample. You can view the changes here (updates the CalculateFrustum function on line 223 in ShadowRenderer.cs):

#### [Garold]( "") -

Thanks,just what I needed! Presentations, GDC Powerpoints and suchlike only help so far.:)