Come see me talk at GDC 2014

Myself and fellow lead graphics programmer David Neubelt will be at GDC next week, talking about the rendering technology behind The Order: 1886. Unfortunately the talk came together a bit late, and so it initially started from the talk that we gave back at SIGGRAPH at last year (which is why it has the same title). However we don’t want to just rehash the same material, so we’ve added tons of new slides and revamped the old ones. The resulting presentation has a much more of an engineering focus, and will cover a lot of the nuts and bolts behind our engine and the material pipeline. Some of the new things we’ll be covering include:

  • Dynamic lighting
  • Baked diffuse and specular lighting
  • Baked and real-time ambient occlusion
  • Our shader system, and how it interacts with our material pipeline
  • Details of how we perform compositing in our build pipeline
  • Hair shading
  • Practical implementation issues with our shading model
  • Performance and memory statistics
  • Several breakdowns showing how various rendering techniques combine to form the final image
  • At least one new funny picture

We want the presentation to be fresh and informative even if you saw our SIGGRAPH presentation, and I’m pretty sure that we have enough new material to ensure that it will be. So if you’re interested, come by at 5:00 PM on Wednesday. If you can’t make it, I’m going to try to make sure that we have the slides up for download as soon as possible.


jischneider -

Good material as always. Thanks Matt.

#### [MJP]( "") -

Thank you Albert and Laurent! For lighting values we’re not using real-life units. We generally attempt to keep the relative intensity between different values consistent with the relative intensity difference for real-world lights, but in some cases we fudge it in order to make authoring easier. The version of the slides on our website has notes in it. You can downoad it here:

#### [Laurent]( "") -

Hi, I downloaded the slides from GDC vault and it’s really interesting. Everything looks so nice! I have a few questions : for the emissive lighting values, are you using some real life unit or is it an arbitrary unit ? and do you plan to release a version of the slides with notes ? Thank you very much, can’t wait to see the final game ;)

#### []( "") -

very impressive, will you write a detail article about directional ao maps and dynamic ao? thanks.

#### [Albert]( "") -

Talk was awesome Matt and was great to meet you! I really liked how you guys use material inheritance to lock down the “look” of levels.