New Tutorial: Using PIX With XNA

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the most epic of tutorials: Using PIX With XNA.  This 37-page monster teaches PIX for the XNA programmer, and includes an in-depth explanation of the XNA/D3D9 relationship as well as 6 excercises that show you the how to solve common problems (full source code and XNA 3.1 projects included).  I sure hope somebody finds this thing useful…it took me forever to write this thing.

I originally intended to have this tutorial hosted on Ziggyware…in fact I finished this over a month ago and submitted it to Ziggy.  However as you may or may not know, Ziggy has become the unfortunate target of scumbag hackers who have repeatedly hijacked his site in order to deploy malware.  The whole thing absolutely sucks…I really wish that those assholes had decided to hijack a site that wasn’t the most comprehensive collection of community-created XNA resources.  I hope Ziggy figures out a way to shake them and get the site up and running again…but it looks doubtful.  Honestly I don’t think I’d want to keep dealing with the kinds of problems he’s gone though.


SteveProXNA -

Hi Matt, the PIX with XNA tutorial was really helpful. Had to mention on blog/twitter: Thanks, Steve.

#### [michal]( "") -

Thank you. PIX along with your tutorial helped me to find the bug in my code, that I was struggling with for a few days.

#### [Bennyboy]( "") -

Thanks a bunch for the tutorial. Quite informative

#### [shivajs]( "") -

I for one, am grateful

#### [Aaron Schultz]( "") -

Haven’t opened it yet, but I’ve been looking for an intro to PIX from the standpoint of XNA for awhile (haven’t done any true DirectX dev yet, and XNA is oh so comfy). Thanks a ton. Its people like you that make the XNA community work.